Day 1: Survey and Setup

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Group A (Stage Setup and Surveying)

  • Tracking Market Installation
  • Target installation
  • Target density, sizing, and orientation
  • Basic surveying processes
  • File conversions

Group B (Camera, System, and Signal Setup)

  • Cameras and Sensors
  • Video Rates
  • Video connections
  • Video standards, signals and time code
  • LTC, VANC, embedding timecode
  • Data connections
  • Previzion System set up; quick overview of modules
  • Sync Sources
  • UI overview
  • Hot Keys
  • Status Lights and errors
  • Tracking basics — get partial survey from Group A
  • Intersense settings
  • Setting exposure
  • Loading constellations
  • Editing constellations, saving
  • Intersense camera offsets and rotation
  • Airtrack
  • Thermal recalibration
  • Intersense dampening
  • Lens controllers
  • Supported formats
  • Reversing data direction
  • Saving camera positions
  • Error detection and fault analysis

Finish: Intersense tracking on stage