Intersense Problems


Why can I get Intersense to lock in ISDemo but not in Previzion?

If you get the green crosses and white boxes in ISDemo, then getting it working in Previzion should be straightforward.  The most common mistake here is to load a constellation file (cfg) in ISDemo, verify tracking and close ISDemo without saving.

Make sure that before you exit ISDemo32, are you saving configurations to “Permanent Memory.”   To do this, in the main ISDemo Window, after verifying that tracking is locking, selecti File ->Save Current Settings. When the dialog box requests to confirm to “Save to permanent memory?”, make sure to confirm.

Read more about these settings in Verify Tracking.

Why can’t I get the Airtrack to “Enable” in Previzion?

When running the Airtrack/Intersense inside Previzion, you need to set these as your Location tracker in the Tracking Tab.  When “Airtrack/Intersense” is selected as your location tracker, by default, IS_SERVER (the command looking window) opens and opens communication with the Intersense.  You can verify that these are working by clicking on the “Configure” button to the right of your tracker.  This will open the Airtrack/Intersense Configure Window.

If the Airtrack does not have a green light next to it and it is enabled, make sure there is a sync (Genlock) source being fed to the Airtrack’s Genlock input.

You need to have a stable Sync source – either the Airtrack plugged into an AJA GEN10, an Evertz 2530 DAC, or similar source of tri-level sync. The frame rate should be shown in the right side of the UI panel, as under the Sync Warning Lights.

On the camera side, it is easy to check if the Airtrack is getting a sync source, by looking at the bi-color “Sync” LED.  When there is not sync source being fed to the Airtrack, you will see a red light.

When there is a sync source being fed to the Airtrack, you will see a Green light.

When using “P” (Progressive) sync signals, with RED cameras in particular, this LED will light Amber.


What is ISDemo Supposed to look like?

When you start up the Intersense inside Previzion, it generates a sync function that genlocks the data from the Intersense. If you look at the sfServer startup sequence and sfServer window, you should see a couple of things in the sfServer window:

  • Found Mutex Sync Object
  • Vertical Refresh Rate: 59.94 or 47.96
  • The bottom left number should be around 180 for 59.94 operation, or about 135-140 for 47.96 (23.98) operation.

Also, check to make sure that the Intersense “Pitch” level is set inside Previzion correctly, by clicking the “Configure” tab next to the Intersense dropdown in the Previzion UI . . the Previzion setting overrides the setting inside ISDemo32 when Previzion is started up.

Basically, if it locks to targets in ISDemo, it will work inside Previzion, so it’s probably one of the above settings.

Intersense stops responding.

  • Deselect Intersense from the Position and Rotation tracking menus.
  • Deselect Airtrack from the Rot Smoothing menu.
  • Power cycle the Intersense (unplug the larger 3 pin power connector from the mounting case, wait 10 seconds, and plug it back in.)
  • Reselect the Intersense from the Rotation tracking menu. Wait 5-10 seconds for the light to come on. The background should start moving around.
  • Reselect Intersense from the Position menu.
  • Reselect Airtrack from the Rot Smoothing menu.