Stereo Rig Offsets: Technica3D


Stereo Rig Offsets: Technica 3D

The position offsets are measured to the dominant eye/stationary vertical camera (left eye). The offsets are measured as if the camera was aligned horizontally with the moving horizontal camera.

In the above picture, the Tracker to Camera offsets are measured as follows:

  • Axial: measure from the Intersense camera center to the sensor mark on the lower camera. This is a negative number on the above rig, as the sensor plane is behind the Intersense tracker.
  • Vertical: measure from the Intersense camera to the centerline of the lens. This is a positive number on the above rig.


Lateral Offset

Since the offsets are measured from the Intersense to the stationary camera, the lateral offset must be measured to the vertical camera on the Technica 3D rig.

  • Lateral: measure horizontally from the pivot of the Intersense camera to the center of the vertical camera lens axis. Double check in Observer View that you have the sensor on the correct side of the lens.
  • The offset in the above image is negative.