System State Transmit/Receive – Legacy Interface


This page is outdated. For builds after 6710, please refer to Binding Systems

System State Send

This panel controls sending Previzion system state out to other Previzion systems on the same network.

Local Address shows the current system’s IP address; this can be used by other systems to restrict which system they listen to for data packets.

Send Port controls which UDP data port the state packets are sent out over.

Clicking the Send button causes a state packet to be sent out over the selected UDP  port.

Matching Subnets

In order for Previzion systems to send and receive data from each other, they must be on the same subnet mask. This means that the individual machines’ IP addresses must be:






The machines must be connected to the same router to generate the correct IP addresses and subnet mask.


System State Receive

As noted, to receive state messages from other Previzion systems, the machines must be on the same network and have the same subnet mask.

In addition, the Port setting must match between the send machine and the receive machine.

Clicking Bind on a receive machine will cause the system to look on the network for incoming state machine packets from the send machine.

To restrict the receive machine to only accept packets from a certain sending machine, type in the send machine’s IP address into the Address line of the State Receive Connection panel.

Send Details

The entire state of the system is sent over the UDP packet when Send is clicked, with the following exceptions:

  • Tracking sources (Sync, Pos/Rot, Lens Source)
  • Tracker to Camera Offsets (each mounting may be different)
  • Lens File Selection (each lens is unique)
  • Take Camera Name (each camera name is different)
  • CgFx parameter values (not yet supported in system state save/load)