Importing Additional Survey Points


Importing Additional Survey Points


When surveying a stage it is often important to also survey the corners of the green screen and locations of physical props. These points are stored in the survey file just as the targets are. However, these points are not added into the .cfg file that gets loaded into the Intersense camera.

The tool provided here for download reads the “Additional Survey Points” text file and creates locators inside Maya. This Allows the Maya artist to create and place their assets in the virtual space. The created locators make it easier for the 3D artist to:

  1. Scale 3D Assets to proper scene scale
  2. Properly place 3D assets into physical space before exporting to Previzion
  3. Generate 3D model of green screen wall
  4. Align virtual and physical set pieces


How to Use

  • Download the script
  • Copy it to a shelf item or into your script editor
  • Run the script
    • The script will ask for the location of the Additional Survey Points file.
    • When hitting okay, Maya has a bug wherein it will ask if you want to “Save Over” the file.
    • Hit “yes”… this is a bug in Maya.



The finished result is a series of locators all placed exactly as their physical counterparts in the physical space.

  • Each locator is given the original point description (from surveying) as its name in the Maya scene.
  • Each locator is scaled to 100 (this scaling amount assumes that the scene unit is centimeters)



You may download the latest version of  Import Survey Points – Maya script from our Download Dashboard.


Features and Updates

Upload Notes

  • December 5th, 2011