Post Processing


Post Processing

In the event that the end user is going to render and composite backgrounds in post, the various take files from production can be processed though our Take Converter software. This enables the user to select specific ranges of data, by timecode, and format the output to suit the various 3D packages and post pipelines.

Almost every 3D system treats concatenated rotations slightly different, so the Take Converter also formats the output so everything matches.

Take data can also be used with post tracking systems as seed tracking data, which dramatically simplifies the tracking and subpixel alignment of the 3D elements with the live action footage.

Survey data collected during stage prep can also be used as seed data to speed up the post tracking pipeline.



We have worked out simple pipelines for certain programs.

Other programs, like Nuke, can be compatible with Previzion data, but we have not worked out the pipeline in-house.