Sync & Video — Evertz 2430 + AJA 10AMA


The use of Evertz 2430 combined with AJA HD10AMA is still supported as a legacy setup. See limitations below. However, we strongly recommend the use of the more robust Evertz 1RU setup specified here.

Previzion Connections

Evertz 2430 DAC HD settings

  • The incoming 4:2:2 Rec. 709 signal from the camera is connected to the HDSDI Input BNC connector.
  • The HDSDI Output BNC is connected to the Previzion HDSDI 1 input.
  • All DIP switches on the 2430 are set to OFF. This corresponds to YPrPb with tri-level sync.

  • A straight tri-level sync signal is present on the black and the grey sync BNC cables from the Evertz analog output. This is connected to the Airtrack over the tether using the Genlock BNC cable.
  • Sync is set to Airtrack in the Tracking tab.


Timecode (using AJA HD10AMA)

If the camera does not timecode embedded in the HDSDI stream, timecode is supplied by an external device in analog LTC form.

LTC timecode input to Previzion is covered here.


Power to the Airtrack and Intersense is provided by the included 9V power adapter. This plugs into the Intersense serial adapter on the computer side of the data cable.

Legacy Configuration Limitations

This legacy configuration may be limited to 110V power and PsF video signals only.  It does not support “p” signals, like the ones output from RED cameras.

There is also a limitation in the form factor as this “loose boxes” configuration is not intended to be shipped around too much without proper padding.