Cooke Connections


Cooke Connections

To connect to Cooke lenses, use the Cooke Lens data cable sold by Lightcraft. This cable includes a Anton Bauer D-Tap connection for a 12-14V input, which provides power for the internal processor on the Cooke units.

This has been tested on the Angenieux ADS encoder for zoom lenses. Check with Lightcraft for support on other Cooke encoded products.

Connect the 4 pin 0B size Lemo to the Airtrack, the 4 pin 00 size Lemo to the ADS encoder, and the D Tap power connector to a live Anton Bauer receptacle.


Initialize Lens

When you power the ADS unit you need first to initialize the encoders. For that, when the led is blinking green:

  • Put the iris ring at T:22 end stop.
  • Put the zoom ring at wide angle end stop (28mm for the 28-76).
  • Put focus at close distance end stop (less than 2′).
  • Press the button on the unit less than 5 seconds. The led will stop blinking and stay green. The unit is now initialized.

The unit is equipped by a battery to keep the encoded values if you stop the power for less than 20mn. When you power the unit again the led will become green again without blinking. If you stop the power for more than 20mn you WILL need to re-initialize the ADS unit.

Connect in Previzion

In Previzion, select Lens->Cooke; the light by the tracker will go green if the lens is correctly recognized.