Real Time Camera Tracking

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high precision rotary camera tracking

With camera tracking data locked to a Genlock pulse, Previzion is able to time the tracking perfectly to each frame.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row type=”full_width_background” bg_position=”left top” bg_repeat=”no-repeat” bg_color=”#000000″ scene_position=”center” text_color=”light” text_align=”left” class=”tracking” top_padding=”50″ bottom_padding=”50″][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]

There are nearly as many different camera tracking technologies as there are shots in which they are used.

Previzion provides the best of all worlds with real time camera tracking — the ability to adapt to multiple different camera tracking technologies, handled with a unified interface that makes setup and registration straightforward. Previzion provides full 6 degrees of freedom camera tracking all in real time!

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Intersense IS1200 Optical Tracker

high accuracy fusion position tracking

From handheld and Steadicam, to dolly, jib, and Technocrane shots, the fusion of optical and rotary camera tracking can handle nearly everything.

The Previzion solution uses a fusion of two sensors: IS1200 and Airtrack.

Using targets mounted overhead in the stage truss, a standard stage can be converted into a real time capable smart stage in a single day.

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Cinema and Broadcast Cameras

Previzion integrates with all HDSDI cameras

For creating the live camera composite, Previzion uses the camera’s own HDSDI output.

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  • ARRI – Alexa, Alexa Plus, D21, Amira
  • CANON – C300, C500
  • PANAVISION – Genesis, HD Taps
  • SONY – F5, F55, F65
  • RED – One, Epic, Scarlet

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  • ARRI – Alexa HD
  • CANON – EOS C-Series
  • SONY – HDC Series, EX Series
  • IKEGAMI – 97 Series, 79 Series, 77 Series, 55 Series
  • PANASONIC – HPX Series, PX Series

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Lens Tracking

The core of a live action image is the camera lens and imaging sensor.

A key element in matching CG elements into live action footage is to accurately measure and recreate of all critical lens parameters virtually.
Previzion’s unique, patented lens calibration system brings all of these attributes together into a straightforward, repeatable, production-friendly interface.
Previzion tracks the position of the lens and records it on a per-frame basis in real time.  Previzion captures and renders distortion, focal length, focus distance, and nodal point shifts all in real time. This combine with our full 6DOF tracking and you have a complete real time camera tracker!

Previzion integrates with industry standard follow focus controllers and lens encoding protocols:

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  • CMotion – Camin CVolution (2M/4M/8M), CMotion Compact
  • ARRI – Alexa LDS, Alexa Motor Data
  • FUJINON – Cabrio Lenses
  • COOKE – LDS /i Compatible Lenses
  • RED/Element Technica – Wireless Motor Driver (W.M.D.)

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  • CANON – ENG Lenses with Focus and/or Zoom controls
  • FUJINON – 13-bit and 16-bit ENG Lenses with Focus and/or Zoom controls
  • ARRI – Amira LDS, Motor Data

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Cinema and Broadcast Lenses

Accurate lens calibration and integration

Previzion’s lens calibration system can measure and map nearly any standard production lens — Fujinon, Angenieux, Zeiss, Canon, etc., both prime and zoom lenses.
To completely simulate a zoom lens requires accurate measurement of the true focal length, true focus distance, entry pupil location, and optical distortion.
Absent any of these parameters, the CG and live action simply won’t match, no matter how much you adjust.

To accurately match CG and live action, the lens distortion must be both accurately measured and rendered.

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